" The primary objective of the MNB shall be to achieve and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to its primary objective, the MNB shall support the maintenance of the stability of the financial intermediary system, the enhancement of its resilience, its sustainable contribution to economic growth; furthermore, the MNB shall support the economic policy of the government using the instruments at its disposal. "
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Collector and Commemorative coins




The Magyar Nemzeti Bank – similarly to the central banks of numerous other countries – issues collector and commemorative coins at the outstanding anniversaries of Hungarian history and people, joins the conservation and environmental protection actions of global organisations, commemorates significant international events.


The issuance of collector and commemorative coins started in 1948, with the silver coin series issued in honour of the centenary of the revolution and war of independence of 1848-49, and the issuance of collector and commemorative coins with primarily numismatical aims has been regular since 1968.


Collector and commemorative coins are regarded as legal tenders up to their face value. They are usually made of gold or silver, but since 1980 collector coins made of non-precious metals have been contributing to the series of Hungarian legal tenders. Most of them are minted in two versions, with brilliant uncirculated / BU technology and with proof / PP technology.


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Commemorative and collector coins issued since 2003

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