" The primary objective of the MNB shall be to achieve and maintain price stability. Without prejudice to its primary objective, the MNB shall support the maintenance of the stability of the financial intermediary system, the enhancement of its resilience, its sustainable contribution to economic growth; furthermore, the MNB shall support the economic policy of the government using the instruments at its disposal. "
ResearchAcademic Seminars

Academic Seminars


Budapest Economic Seminar Series - BESS at MNB

Venue:  MNB, 1054 Budapest, Szabadsag ter 8

Time and room No. are indicated next to the seminar.

This seminar series is open to external visitors. Please register in advance, would you wish to attend a seminar, by sending an email to: research.department@mnb.hu.

An ID card or passport is required to enter MNB.


March 11      

Erwan Gautier (University of Nantes)

More Facts about Prices: France Before and During the Great Recession


March 18     (15:15, A401)

Ragnar Nymoen (University of Oslo)

Did US consumers `save for a rainy day' before the Great Recession?


March 25      (10:30 -  A431 !has been changed!)

Ryan Chahrour (Boston College)

Good news is bad news: Leverage cycles and sudden stops


April 1          (10:30,  A/401)

Yavuz Arslan (The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey)

Joint Dynamics of House Prices and Foreclosures


April 17 (10:30, A/401)

Michał Rubaszek (National Bank of Poland)

Forecasting with DSGE models with financial frictions


 May 13 (10:30, A/401)

 Kartik Athreya (FRB Richmond)

 Stock Market Investment: The Role of Human Capital


May 20 (10:30, A/253)

John Earle (George Mason University)

Finance and Growth at the Micro Level:  Evidence from the Small Business Administration Loan Programs


May 21 Thursday (10:30, A/401)

Dean Corbae (University of Wisconsin)

Capital Requirements in a Quantitative Model of Banking Industry Dynamics


June 3 (14:30, A/401!)

Christoph Müller (Freiburg University)

A Long-Term Evaluation of Recent Hungarian Pension Reforms


July 1 (10:30, A/401)

Kim P. Huynh (Bank of Canada)

Functional Principal Component Analysis of Density Families with Complex Survey Data on UK Prices


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